HTH 100 - Goals & Objectives

HTH 100 – Personal Wellness Course Description

HTH 100 Personal Wellness is a course which students may select to fulfill their 3-credit General Education Wellness requirement. This course examines all the dimensions of health and wellness. An emphasis is placed on the factors that influence health and wellness, particularly individual behaviors. Students participate in self-assessments that provide information about their health and wellness behaviors and their overall health status. In addition, students will learn strategies that improve lifetime health and wellness. The course includes the Physical Wellness and Wellness Passport assignments.

General Education Cluster Five Wellness Domain Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Students will be able to understand the dimensions of wellness, the various factors affecting each dimension, and how dimensions are interrelated.

  • Identify the dimensions of wellness
  • Identify factors (such as genetic, environmental, or lifestyle behaviors) that influence each dimension of wellness
  • Recognize how dimensions of wellness are interrelated

Goal 2: Students will be able to understand the relationship between personal behaviors and lifelong health and wellness.

  • Recognize the importance of lifestyle in disease prevention
  • Recognize the relationship between personal health behaviors and wellness
  • Discriminate between reputable and non-reputable sources of health information

Goal 3: Students will assess their own level of health and wellness and understand how these levels impact their quality of life.

  • Assess one’s level of health and wellness
  • Evaluate how one’s levels of health and wellness compare to recommended levels
  • Identify how one’s health and wellness impact their quality of life

Goal 4: Students will identify and implement strategies to improve their wellness.

  • Identify a realistic wellness plan
  • Recognize strategies that can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Report intention to participate in a greater number of health and wellness-related activities