James Madison University

Occupational Independent Study

The "independent study" activity is a great option that allows students to work independently in a flexible time frame (rather than a specific date) and on a topic that relates to them personally.

This activity is not an option that can be completed in the last days before a passport due date because each worksheet is completed and looked at individually. Career & Academic Planning needs sufficient time for students to complete the worksheets and to check their accuracy. To allow for this, there are dates by which you must complete this activity prior to the passport due dates.

This activity requires students to independently complete a worksheet that involves the use of our resource center in Career & Academic Planning. The worksheet is designed to take no more than an hour to complete and covers the exploration of career and major options.

To participate in this activity, students may come to our receptionist counter in the Student Success Center, room 3210, anytime Monday through Friday from 8am until 3:45pm (no one will be allowed to start this activity after 3:45pm). Worksheets and directions will be given to students at that time- directions must be followed explicitly to receive a passport stamp. Exactly one hour will be allowed for completion of the worksheet and then it will be turned in to Career & Academic Planning to check for completeness and accuracy.

This is not an option that can be saved until the last day due to the required grading of the worksheets. The final day to complete this activity will be Thursday, February 13th for the first passport deadline and Thursday, April 2nd for the second passport deadline. We are only able to accommodate up to 25 people on any given day, so you may be turned away if our maximum capacity is met. If you show up when there are multiple students already working on the assignment you may be asked to wait because we cannot accommodate more than 5 people at the same time (due to the use of resources). This is typically never a problem except when students wait until the last days and everyone wants to complete it at the same time. Plan ahead!