Asynchronous (Anytime) Passport Events

Title: What's Behind a Web Search? Bias and Algorithms
Speaker(s): Carolyn Schubert, Malia Willey, and Alyssa Young
Sponsors: JMU Libraries
Wellness Dimensions: Intellectual or Occupational

Description: We use Google every day, but we do really understand why we get certain results? This event will explain what an algorithm is, how search engines use them, and how bias exists in our search results. Attendees will have a chance to reflect on the ways biased results can echo larger biases for representation in society.  Access this site at your convenience at:

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Available Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Campus & COVID

  • Host: Jordan McCann (The Well - Interim Associate Director of Health Promotion & Well-Being)
  • Guest: Dr. Andrew Guertler (JMU Health Center Medical Director)
  • Topics Covered: How navigating a pandemic has been and safety tips for students returning to campus

Episode 2: Self-Care and Self-Medication

  • Host: Mindy Koon (The Well – Assistant Director of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention)
  • Guests: Paige Hawkins (The Well – Early Intervention Specialist) and Magali Laitem (JMU Counseling Center – Outreach Coordinator)
  • Topics Covered: Self-care, self-medicating with alcohol/other substances, how the Reflections program through the Well can help students who might want a change in their behavior

Episode 3: STIs and Safer Sex Supplies

  • Host: Andrew O’Brien (Practicum student for The Well)
  • Guests: Mikayla Comer (The Well – Health Promotion Coordinator) & Jordan McCann (The Well)
  • Topics Covered: STIs, how safer sex supplies can help prevent them, and what resources we have at JMU regarding safer sex

Episode 4: Sexual Citizenship

  • Host: Jordan McCann (The Well)
  • Guest: Jackie Hieber (JMU Counseling Center)
  • Topics Covered: an introduction into sexual citizenship, sexual projects, and sexual geographies (covering the book Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus by Hirsch & Khan)

Episode 5: Identities 101: The ABC’s of LGBTQ+

  • Host: Jennifer Iwerks (Assistant Director for SOGIE Programming)
  • Guests: Cassidy Mechalske (Graduate Assistant for SOGIE Programming) & Vic Tedrow (JMU ’20 & SOGIE Alum)
  • Topics Covered: Breaking down the LGBTQ+ acronym and an introduction into the broad experience of the LGBTQ+ community

Episode 6: Coming Out

  • Host: Vic Tedrow (JMU ’20 & SOGIE Alum)
  • Guests: Lynn Vassar, Fadia Vergara, & TJ Oxbrough (SOGIE Volunteers)
  • Topics Covered: Coming out stories, tips and tricks on how to support those around you who come out, and navigating coming out in a variety of spaces

Episode 7: Pornography and College Sex

  • Host: Jordan McCann (The Well)
  • Guests: Dr. Matt Ezzell (Associate Professor of Sociology at JMU), Salma Basnet (Alum ’20), & Farah Schneider (Alum ’20)
  • Topics Covered: Dr. Ezzell’s research on pornography consumption in college, its effects on ourselves as sexual beings, and the general impact on society

Episode 8: Green Dot and Bystander Intervention

  • Host: Jordan McCann (The Well)
  • Guests: Lorie Miller (UREC Senior Assist. Director for Reservations and Events) & Aaliyah McLean (Racial Equity Coordinator, Alum ‘20)
  • Topics Covered: What is Green Dot, an overview of bystander intervention, and how to apply basic bystander intervention skills to real life

Episode 9: Alcohol: Tolerance & Blackouts

  • Host: Ty Greenough (The Well - Graduate Assistant for AOD)
  • Guests: Mindy Koon (The Well) & Paige Hawkins (The Well)
  • Topics Covered: drinking norms, tolerance, blackouts, being self-aware while consuming alcohol, intention while drinking

Episode 10: Coping with Stress

  • Host: Mikayla Comer (The Well)
  • Guests: Brooke Anderson (Well Peers), MaryGrace Johnson (Graduate Assistant for Union Programming), & Elise Candelario (University Programs Board)
  • Topics Covered: how stress affects the body, positive vs. negative stress, how to deal with feeling overwhelmed in the moment

Episode 11: Body Image

  • Host: Jordan McCann (The Well)
  • Guests: Veronica Jones (The Well – Interim Director of Health Promotion & Well-Being) & Sydney Harrell (Well Peers)
  • Topics Covered: defining body image, health at every size, and some advice to remember to promote a healthy body image

Episode 12: Trans Day of Remembrance

  • Hosts: Wesley Engelbrecht, Lynn Vassar, & Zenobia Lee-Nelson (SOGIE Student Volunteers)
  • Topics Covered: Transgender Day of Remembrance, remembering the lives lost from violence against the trans community, and how intersectionality is crucial to consider when discussing trans lives

Episode 13: Practicing Gratitude

  • Host: Mikayla Comer (The Well)
  • Guests: Hanna Serrano (Well Peers) & Holly Williams (Well Peers)
  • Topics Covered: what is gratitude, some strategies to begin actively practicing gratitude

Episode 14: Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp

  • Host: Ty Greenough (The Well Graduate Assistant for AOD)
  • Guests: Dr. Daniel Downy (Professor of Environment, Nuclear, & Analytical Chemistry) & Dr. Samuel Morton (Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering)
  • Topics Covered: the nuances of the cannabis plant, differences between hemp and marijuana, and their research with the Shenandoah Valley Hemp industry

Episode 16: What is Health Promotion?

  • Hosts: Jordan McCann (The Well) & Mikayla Comer (The Well)
  • Topics Covered: What is health promotion and what does it look like on a college campus, the theories and models utilized, programs and services of “The Well – The Office of Health Promotion & Well-Being” and why a student may want to utilize them.

**The following episodes are scheduled for the Spring 2021 semester and will air weekly on Wednesdays. Guests are subject to change.

Episode 17 (airing Jan. 27): Stalking

  • Guest: Chloe Dauer (The Well – Graduate Practicum student)
  • Topics Covered: stalking awareness, cyber stalking, how media like the show “You” portray stalking behaviors

Episode 18 (airing Feb. 3): Orgasms and Masturbation

  • Guest: Javay Frye-Nekrasova (Millennial Sexpert, JMU ’16)
  • Topics Covered: how COVID benefited masturbation and pleasure, how orgasms happen, different type

Episode 19 (airing Feb. 10): Relationships/Hook-Up Culture

  • Guest: TBD
  • Topics Covered: navigating different types of relationships during college, misconceptions of the dating scene in college, what is “hooking-up” and how to do so safely

Episode 20 (airing Feb. 17): Herpes

  • Guest: Dr. Phyllis Mathews (JMU Health Center Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner)
  • Topics Covered: facts and stats, differences between HSV 1 & 2, debunking transmission myths

Episode 21 (airing Feb. 24): Eating Disorders

  • Guest: Erin Williams (JMU Counseling Center)
  • Topics Covered: explaining the different types, which eating disorders are most common, recognizing signs and symptoms, JMU resources

Episode 22 (airing Mar. 3): Diet Culture

  • Guest: Michele Covoto (JMU Health Center Registered Dietitian)
  • Topics Covered: popular fad diets and why they don’t work, how to make healthy eating choices while on campus

Episode 23 (airing Mar. 10): Sleep

  • Guest: TBD
  • Topics Covered: what happens when we sleep, why it is important, tips to getting better sleep

Episode 24 (airing Mar. 17): Alcohol

  • Guest: Mindy Koon (The Well)
  • Topics Covered: TBD

Episode 25 (airing Mar. 24): Sexual Health

  • Guest: TBD
  • Topics Covered: TBD

Episode 26 (airing Mar. 31): Prescription Drugs

  • Guest: Mindy Koon (The Well), Dr. Colleen Tennyson (JMU Counseling Center)
  • Topics Covered: prescription stimulants

Episode 27 (airing Apr. 7): Sexual Violence Prevention: What is Advocacy?

  • Guest: Veronica Jones (The Well)
  • Topics Covered: What is survivor advocacy, who and how The Well supports a student in need of advocacy, how it differs from Title IX